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Ok. Thanks!
I'm re-creating my sister's wedding cake for her 30th anniversary. The cake was pillars & plate construction. Do I put the cake directly on the plastic plate or should I use a cake board first?Thanks, Mary
Thanks Marianna!
I have a question on using fresh fruit in the filling which I've never done but it's summer and want to take advantage of fresh fruit. I plan on doing 2 different cakes. One with fresh raspberries sprinkled over a lemon curd and the other cut fresh strawberries in a whipped cream or mousse. I usually bake and layer one day then the next decorate with delivery the same day or the next. My question is will the fruit stand up to the extra days (especially the cut...
Apti- That cake looks delish! Thanks for posting. I'll add to the post when I give them a try. Mary
Thanks everyone! I ended up ordering some icing fruit. I figured it would be a better value since it has many more "servings" in it. can't wait until it gets here now!
Thanks for all the information. I was wondering how many recipes I would get out of LorAnn's dram size. That was the size I was looking at to try them.
I'm looking at purchasing flavor enhancers such as LorAnn Oils & CK Icing Fruits. However, they both claim to do the same which makes me wonder which one all you you prefer to use & why.thanks for your responses!Mary
I forgot to mention I also add in my insurance & sanitation licensing costs too.
You'll also have storage rent for your equipment & ingredients storage. Here in Illinois all my ingredients & equipment must stay in the commercial kitchen. I pay $25/hour for use and then $5 linear foot for dry storage and $10 for refrigerator & freezer storage. I add these costs in my overheads costs as Jason stated.
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