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What frosting would you pair with a gingerbread cupcake?  I've seen vanilla bc & cream cheese.  Anything else?  What's your favorite pairing? Thanks, Mary
Ooo, that cake does look awesome. I'll give it a try. Thanks Carrot Jockey!
I'm in need of a pumpkin cake recipe made from scratch. I took a look at the recipe section and a majority of them are made from cake mixes. While I prefer scratch cakes I'm not opposed to using a mix. My concern is that most of the recipes say "1 box" well as we all know the box size has changed. I'm going to assume that these recipes were developed with the larger 18.25 oz box. I really want to avoid having to buy 2 boxes to make up the ounce differential or do the...
Sounds like you're on your way! Good luck with your business.
What's your business identity? Your name choices range from quaint to french couture. You have to go over your business plan and figure what's best for you. It took me a few months to decide. Choose one and "live with it awhile" in your head and see how it feels.
You all are AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much!
I'm making a car cake. My second one. My first turned out OK but I know it could have been much better. Anyway, I'm filled with anxiety on this one. I've read several tutorials and seen videos etc but none of them say how they made their tires. I'm trying something new. I made a silicone mold from a toy car and used fondant treated with tyloose powder to mold a tire. However, that seems still too soft. I'm thinking of using a 50/50 fondant & gumpaste mix or should I...
It depends on what you want to specialize in. If you want to go mainstream go with the flowers. But Anime is huge right now and not many doing it. (My daughter is a huge anime fan so I'm probably more exposed to it than most.) If you go that route you could have a great niche but it's still limited. Just my opinion.
This is why i love and refer to this site so often. I love all the advice! Thanks everyone!
Good point. thanks!
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