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Thank you all!  I'll look into all your suggestions.  Gotta make life easier where we can.
What do you all use to help organize all the different sizes of cake boxes?  I just have mine stacked on top of each other on a shelf.  It's such a pain to lift the stack to get to the larger boxes on the bottom.   Thanks, Mary
Hi All-  I saw this technique mentioned in someone's blog but of course when I need it I can't find it.    Anyway, how do you create the silver shimmering cookie?  I'm not talking about just adding corn syrup or painting on a sparkly dust.  This particular cookie blogger added the sparkling dust added to the royal icing.  Any ideas?  I need to make sure I use the correct edible dust too.   Thanks, Mary
Just curious, does anyone own & use the Cricut Cake?  I was wondering how much I would use it if I invested in one.    Thanks, Mary
I tried turning off the light bulb in my home's traditional oven.  Wow, this is so true!  Makes sense though I put my royal icing in the oven to dry using just the light bulb. The oven is not on when I do this.    There is no light bulb in the commercial convection that I use.   Thanks everyone!   
Awesome.  Thanks!  
I'm sure this has been asked before.  But I made more American BC than I needed.  I use shortening & butter in my recipe.  If I freeze it will it hurt the consistency or flavor at all?    What about freezing cream cheese frosting?   Thanks, Mary
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  Interesting about the oven light!
I rent out kitchen space and I'm have a question about convection ovens. This is my first commercial experience with a convection oven.  The oven in this kitchen browns quicker on one side than the other.  Therefore I find that I have to rotate the pans half way during baking.  I thought the purpose of the fan in the oven was to circulate the air so we don't have to rotate pans and everything still bakes evenly.  Am I wrong or is there something wrong with this...
Wow, these are great!  I would have never thought of orange or egg-nog.  Keep them coming!  Thanks, Mary  
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