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Once the customer purchases it they can do what they please.  Chances are you've taken your pictures to preserve your work and they have their memories with their special candle.  Be happy that they enjoyed your work and cake.   
I've been asked to make about 400 cupcakes for a out of town wedding which I am an invited guest.  It's about 2 hours away during Memorial Day weekend.  We're in Chicago so weather can be 60-70 degrees then.  I'm debating issues on how to tackle this.  The bride wants chocolate cupcakes with vanilla mousse and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate mousse.    I still have to call the venue but I'm thinking it's best if I can fill & decorate there but I'm not sure if I'll...
Thanks for the suggestions.  I was looking for large quantities.  I do use Vistaprint for my business cards but they're too expensive for the quantity I was looking for.  Same thing for Zazzle Unfortunately I don't have a laser printer either.   I'll check out the others mentioned.   
I'm looking for a source that could make custom labels for my trays and boxes.  I would want my logo on it as well as some text. Who do you use?    Thanks, Mary
I've only used Wilton.  I'm looking into using other brands to see if this happens with them too.
Me too!  I love this site!
Thanks for the pointers.  I'm definetely not over crowding.  The whole oven over browns on the right side and the top & bottom shelves.  I find my self only putting in 2 half sheet pans on the middle shelves on the left.  So not effiecient with my time.  The 2 racks that I do use are about 4 inches apart.   When I bake cookies they are over brown & close to raw in the middle.  I don't make those over sized gourmet cookies.  I'm talking about regular sized drop cookies &...
 I generally use either the core or nail on any cake 10" or larger.  To  use a nail you place the nail in the pan (flat side down so the nail is sticking up.)before you pour in the batter. Spray the nail with non-stick spray first.    I was just curious on what people like to use more.  I used the core more since  was taught that way but I get tired of working with the plug.
What is your preferred item to use when baking larger cakes a flower nail or heating core? TIA, Mary
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