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This might help, just switch out with yellow and chocolate cake.
He he he, I call it my cake spackle, works great every time especially for very tender cakes.
I concur, Well Done! I still cant get my writing even unless I use a guide 
On my wish list   I also keep y eyes peeled on craigslist.
*PS invest in high quality chocolate while the prices are still reasonable 
European style pastries and all natural or vegan baked goods. Heaven and hell, lol.
Bummer sorry you had to scrap it but it went to a great cause, at least someone got to enjoy it, lol. Thank goodness for your mom chipping in and your being able to save the head.   So much for fairy dust, black magic and unicorn sneezes, we in the real world learn by our mistakes and this one will only make you better in the future. Sounds like the second go round should be okay. Cant wait to see pics.   Good luck and best wishes! 
Well Done 
I couldn't find it either, maybe this link will help you locate her.   * and this one from a member who posted it on here<mpl=private 
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