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Lololol, very enlightening, I get it now, forgive me for reading the posts incorrectly. Would you believe that I was actually hypnotized by watching water boiling over the holidays. I was sick with a bad chest cold and made some spice tea, I watched the water boiling process from beginning to end and was lost in the percussion of dancing bubbles. Fevers do weird things to people, lol.  Feeling better now, just got around to finishing Christmas cookies for family. I'm...
Sorry for posting, I thought you were serious I didn't see Mimi's post before I replied.
Well you know that I love tutorials and yeah there are lots of them out there but that is what's so unique about them. Even though they might be about the same things, the different personalities and techniques make them enjoyable to watch. I say just be yourself and let it rip but must of all have fun with it!   I would love to see a good wedding cake stacking tutorial or even one that  shows how to do cake layers with tips on how to avoid bulges in your icing, the...
I have had my share of so called "ugly cakes", I called them "my first time trying to decorate cakes" .  The one thing that I have learned over the years is that some of the ugliest cakes (thanks mom) tasted truly amazing!   Happy Holiday Baking Everyone!
You're welcome but YOU gave great advice! 
kkmcmahan is right, you can use a piping bag to make beautiful spritz cookies. We used this technique in school and it goes a lot faster than using a press. The possibilities are endless, hth.
Crazy fast cake decorating that I found on YT today.   Quenary Academy always amazes me.   How fast can you serve cake?   She’s pretty quick too   What in the? Wow, I’m dizzy….   They don’t decorate like this anymore   Enjoy  
Season Greetings Cake Central!   This time of year always reminds me of gingerbread, ummm I can smell it now. While I was searching YT for ideas for Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses, I ran across one of my favorite YouTube character Jolene Sugar Baker the trailer park queen, lol.  She sure has been busy and she's about to pin a book  !!!! I cant wait to see what recipes she going to share. So if you want to see an over the top YT celebrity check her out and...
 I can grab a used copy on Amaxon for $7! That's great!   I found this from Woodland Bakery Blog  (one of my favs) it might help.
Yes Makeherabaker, that's the latest one. I have the copy below but I know your going to love that one too. Check out some of the reviews and good luck with your journey in baking. Between practicing and feedback from good folks here, you will be a great baker in no time
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