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I just tried Sweet Sugarbelle's rolled sugar cookie recipe. It tastes wonderful and was easy to work with... at first. My first two sheets went into the oven and came out with the tops being all wrinkled. That's not something I've seen before. As I was rolling the last batch the dough started cracking while I was rolling. I have a feeling that the cracking was the result of the extra flour working it's way into the mix, but can someone please verify this thought.Thanks!
I just bought a bunch of cutters from them. No, the prices are not cheap. If you look at some of the pics on the site they say Which when you type that into your web browser it jumps to cheap.... maybe they are trying to transition since the prices don't live up to the site name.
I am putting some cookies out on a table for an open house while I try to sell my home. I want to put a sign next to them letting people know to help themselves but I want it to say more than that. Does anyone have a witty saying I can put on the sign that gets that message across?Thanks!
I have been trying to make some candy jewels for days now. I am using Chico & Jo's recipe and having a real tough time. The first couple of batches were cooked to 275 like her recipe called for. They all stuck together even though they were sprayed with pam. I did some research and everything said it wasn't cooked long enough and to cook it to 300, the hard crack stage. I did so and they are still sticky! What am I doing wrong. BTW it is not humidity, we have the AC on....
I thought it was an ice cream cone as well, but all the ice cream cone cookie cutters I find have a rounded top not a pointed one. The pointed top ice cream cutters don't have a pointed cone bottom. I'm really baffled!
Can anyone tell me what the original design of this cookie cutter is? I can't find it under calla lily cookie cutter so I know it has to be something else.Thanks!!
I have baked a ton of cookies. I find that the cookie I bake on my Airbake trays come out with the consistency you are looking for. Try one of those trays.
Does anyone know of a site selling a cookie cutter in the shape of the back of a car other than ecrandal? I'm looking for one that is similar to this one. If you know of any other cookie cutter that I could use for this shape that info would be great as well. Thanks for all the help!
Thanks for the reply's. It is for my son's school and they want one big enough to feed 100 people. Thank you so much for reminding me about doorways. I would have completely forgotten about that.
Can I freeze cake pops already in ball form or am i better off freezing the cake and frosting separate? Also can you freeze buttercream?
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