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Thanks for the help. I'm going to try the luster dust method that was on you tube. I'll post a pic with the results after I'm done  
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, so forgive me if it is not.   When I make cake pops I use real butter cream frosting in the mix. When I make cake pops the night before they are needed, they look great and I go to bed. The next morning they are still on their sticks and look just like they did the night before. My problem is the paper sticks. I see that the paper sticks have soaked up some of the fats from the butter cream and have a greasy...
I came across this picture and want to try to make some myself. Does anyone know what ingredients are needed to make a pop like this? Is it just luster dust?
Yes, that is what I had bookmarked. Its a dead link.
I bookmarked a recipe for actual metallic icing. It was posted by Ro Zinniger on her blog. The link on her blog is now dead *sob* I know I should have actually printed it out but I didn't and now I'm here begging that someone else has this recipe. I remember that piping gel was one of the ingredients to help you determine if you have the recipe I'm looking for. A thousand thank yous in advance if you can help me out.
I have made a batch of molded chocolates with Make n Mold & Wilton wafers. When I pop them out of the molds they have the perfect shine to them. As I carefully pick them up to clean up the edges they dull. I already wear cotton gloves while holding them so I know that isn't the answer. Does anyone have any tricks to bring the shine back?   Thanks!!
I haven't used gum paste before and I want to get some opinions from some other users. I'm trying to find/make an edible pencil. I want something that I can use to sketch designs on cookies that I can later go over with icing. So the question is, would gum paste be a good option to fabricate a pencil? Is it hard enough to not break the moment a little pressure is applied? Is it chalky enough to leave a sketch? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! PS I have already...
I have a client that wants a cake topper like the one below on a cake order I have. I was thinking of making it out of sugar and painting on the monogram. Can anyone tell me if this is even feasible? I wonder about air bubbles and clarity of the sugar. I was planning on using an aluminum foil and a cookie cutter to shape the topper. Would I be able to remove it from the cutter?   Any advice would be greatly helpful!   Thanks
I just received a whole bunch of old cookie cutters and as I was going through them I came across this one. I have turned it every which way and just can't figure out what it is. Any ideas??  
I know it is after Halloween but here is a quick dry recipe that you might want to save in case you are in a jam again. I have used it many many times and I love it! It really does dry in a few hours.   SugarDeaux Fast Fry, Quick Royal Icing   SugarDeaux, wherever you are thanks for sharing this recipe. It has become my all time favorite!  
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