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I have wondered the same thing. Going to try this recipe.
I am reading this at 7 a.m. Thanks everyone for puttingĀ a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Loved this!!!
I do understand it can be hard to get started getting steady business. After visiting your website I got a very playful, informal feeling. Almost seemed like you weren't serious and unprofessional. But your talent, work and your attention to detail in cake decorating is very good. I wonder if you are selling yourself short. Be confident about your talent. Why are you offering free delivery? I think most people charge for this. Customers expect to pay extra for...
I admire your perseverence. Keep it up!
I also use vodka with Americolor.
Making a wedding cake is so much more complex than even the things you listed. Please research, practice, or even reconsider taking on this project. You don't want to have a huge overwhelming endeavor on your first wedding cake. Start slow and easy, then learn as you go.
I like the yellow. it caught my attention right away.
When I first started cake decorating there were so many ideas floating in my mind. So at the beginning I made a lot of cakes and gave away to friends, neighbors, family, etc. This allowed me to gain experience and lots of practice without eating all the cake. Also, it got my name out there as I improved my skill level. At first I felt comfortable with family or friends paying for my ingredients only. Then as I became more experienced I began charging for my time. If this...
When I use box mixes, I also add the extra egg, pudding, etc.... and get (3) 8" rounds with 2 mixes. One mix isn't enough to get theĀ heigth for a 2" deep pan.
Thanks for the great tip! I am going to try this as it seems to be on the right track. I have trouble with the gum paste just ripping to pieces while the cutter is going. I imagine a little crust will eliminate my problem.
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