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  I have been asked to make a 'dummy cake' like this. I was wanting ideas on what to use for all that 'snow'. It seems it would be a whole lot of fondant and I don't know if royal ising is an option? I want it to look soft. I have never made a dummy cake before either so outside of fondant I don't know what mediums will stand the 'test of time'. Ideas and opinions please? TIA
I guess it depends what medium you like to work with. I prefer fondant. I would just piece the pictures together using fondant and then either outline it with black royal icing or just take a black pen (edible) and outline it in black with that
She is a photographer and wanting the smash cake just for photos to put on his invite...I can't believe she wants it that big either. I have never done a smash cake this big..typically I prefer supports to!
I am needing to make a smash cake. She is wanting an 8" cake 6" high. I don't want to put cardboard in his smash cake but I don't want the cake to collapse's just buttercream, no fondant weighing it down...can I just add the extra 2" without a board? Beyond that...could I tack it 8" or would that be really pushing it? TIA
The pearls are on the wire (spaced out)..then the wire is wrapped randomly around the cake (like a lot of ones I have seen done with ribbon.
Maybe try mixing in some jam with some jello?
Yes you can. Anything to detailed or small doesn't cut very well though (from my experience). I couldn't cut a letter smaller than about an inch when I started using mine but I found if I held something flat (I use my metal spatula) against the blade and ontop of the sheets it doesn't crumple up into a big mess and u can do smaller and more detailed stuff that way.
I didnt know where to post this but I am trying to track down a picture of a cake (any cake).. I have seen it plenty of times but now i cant find one or even think of what to search. IT would be a cake wrapped in wire with little pearl type things on it? I dont know if that make sense but if someone knows what im talking about could you post a picture here for me??? TIA
I have been making a simple marshmallow fondant for a year now. I like the taste and its not too bad to work with as far as covering a cake but no good for smaller detailed decorations due to its texture. I actually just made MFF today so I am going to see how that turns out (it is resting so I can use it tomorow) the texture was really soft, but im not sure i like the taste as much. ITs the first time ive tried it so maybe i will just have to play a little with it as...
I would say its chocolate, just because of how the brown has that 'melted in' look to it. If you did it in fondant Im with you on the color.. I would do the stripes black also (as long as she is ok with that). I am no expert by any means but i would cut the strips of fondant off around the top where the next tier is going to cover it ( I dont really see what other choice you would have? So thats my 2 cents ! lol
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