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thanks so anystore should have this stuff
ok so someone said to me ok you can make cakes but can you make a icecream cake so this weekend thats what i am doing all ice cream no cake  but what do i icing it with some one said whipping cream some said buttercream icing i want it to be like the store cakes i want to add  a boarder and ballons with buttercream but how do i do the icing layer on top please help if you can thanks
thanks for the ideas
ok i saw this  pic on a web site of a lighthouse  i so love lighthouses and want to do this or any cake with a lighthouse cake really bad for my 40th birthday but i have never done something like this the most i have done is angry birds out of rice krispys and if i could get it to light up that would be a great plus please help if anyone can thanks shirley
Thank you so much for the info. Plus not sure why it was in all caps first time my computer goes crazy at times 
My son wants a black OP cake.  I found the molds for the guns and want to make them out of choc. but I want to make them real like.   What can I paint on the choc. that is edible and does not change the taste and would I use white or brown choc.   Please help if you can, any advice will be very helpful.
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