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Yes. Very important. The first time I used cutters like this it didn't click in my brain to let them sit for a few minutes before moving them around. That's why in my avatar you see wonky cutouts. That, and they are not aligned. 
I think it depends on the kind of frosting you use. I freeze my cakes often but I use mainly SMBC. I do let the cakes thaw a bit before frosting and have never had an issue.   The last time I did a crusting buttercream I let the cake thaw in the fridge in the morning and in the afternoon I was able to frost it.
As Aem1029 said, I cook down my strawberries too. I add a little bit of sugar and will cook them down and then also puree them when I make strawberry cake or strawberry SMBC. I think the flavor remains concentrated but I don't have all of the liquid from berries that are just chopped or pureed.
They think that bakers who are not established should not get paid accordingly. My boyfriend's mother told me about a girl that quit her secretary job at the school to do full time cottage law baking. When my boyfriend's mom asked her for pricing she was pretty outraged at the price. She told me that why did she think she could charge almost 3.00 for a cupcake if she didn't have a "real" bakery. I had to pretty much school her on that. That changed her mind when I...
I use Americolor gel.My recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of liquid dye so I take one teaspoon of gel and mix it in 3 tablespoons of water.
Aww, my brother and his wife allowed each of their children to have a little cake on the first birthday. They scraped off quite a bit of frosting so that the babies would only eat a little bit of frosting. I've never done a smash cake so I'm not sure what happens there. Does the baby smash the cake with his/her hands and gobble it up?
This person just joined CC and has another post about wanting to make cake for the wife and wants to know if it should be a boobs cake or a cake with flowers...Not entirely sure this is legit. P.S. Love the emoticon you used. 
I did the tier in my avatar picture using Luck's Airbrush in Silver, then I dusted some of Wilton's pearl shimmer on top. I used a large flat brush to paint it on then I let it dry and applied another coat. I'm by no means an expert so maybe someone else will have a better recommendation.
mmm, I second almonds! I love chocolate-covered almonds :D
Wow, 350 is a lot of people. I made my first tiered cake for my parent's anniversary and it was interesting, but because it was my family they ignored some small mistakes I had made. Also, it was a gift to my parents and it was just buttercream with some gumpaste decorations.    Your client is someone who is paying you and they expect a certain level of quality...especially on their wedding day. She has trusted you to make her wedding cake, and you have agreed to it....
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