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Hi every I tried adding Nutella to this recipe and the texture and consistency went funny like the Nutella didn't mix properly with the frosting?
hey   ive recently had the same issue but my cakes didnt rise try checking your ovem temp thats what caused mine and also when i was shaking the pan as my batter is watery it all clumped in the middle causing it to rise only in the middle.   hope this helps abit
Hey kuuushiMixing it by electric mix.When adding the egg oil and sour cream to the flour and butter mix I did think I over beat it about 30 secs extra after it just was incoprated.I'm pouring the batter into the cupcake cases using ice cream scoop into the middle. after that i usually shake the pan left right and up and down to get the mix into the lines if i dont do that the mix dont stick to the casing. however thats something i usually do and never happend before.i did...
Is there any recipe that rise well and keep moist that anyone can recommend?
Hey everyone Thought this day wouldn't come but it has, really stressed my vanilla cupcake recipe seems to be playing up yestrday, the cupcakes didn't rise flat how they normally do but rise 3mm under the cupcake liner with what it looks to be a more "nipple" look peak. I cooked them at 350. Is that too high? I tried turning it to 375 then to 325 but that made it worse baking powder and baking soda are fresh brought them yestrday my recipe is 57g butter 57g oil 185g...
Hello everyone Been looking at some peoples cupcakes and I can't help but notice that some bakeries there cupcake batter overflows and domes I tried adding extra batter in mine and all I get is a flat mess Isome I have noticed are from suit106 bakery. The recipe I use for my cupcakes is listed below. Flour 185grams 1tsp baking powder 1/2 baking soda 1/2 salt 40g sour cream 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 200g sugar 57g butter 57g oil 2 large eggs
Hey guys. Quick questions I was wondering how do I go about stamping fondants? There's pics that dc cupcakes put up on their Instagram and it has small disc that have logos or pictures of a simple bee or name stamped onto. How would I go about doing this? Also I know you can do printable ones but what about pictures on coloured fondant?
Hey everyone   Havent been on this forum for a very long time....starting to bake and sell cupcakes soon, however i made a red velvet recipe taken from the internet and made it however i found after baking them and leaving them SOME maybe 6 have come apart from the case. Not so much from the case but you can see the batter has teared from the case.   i baked one tray and left to cool on a rack and another tray i left inside the cupcake pan to cool. also storing i...
Hellow guys, i been making SMBC and only so often does it come out correct. However i have gotton a new issue and that issue been the SMBC is coming out a of yellow and it dont look really appealing however lets jsut say taste better then it looks. I wanted to know what the issue could be? aldo im finding that if i look on the outside of the buttercream i can see it has a water residue like a overcoat and its not holding in the bowl.
no i have a electric hand mixer
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