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I have the MAT and I've also taken FONDANT I at Sweetwise in Nashville if you go to youtube and search for the sweetwise chanel and then look for her fondant survival video you will see how much this helps and she talks about a technique going "one inch down all the way around, then two inches down all the way around" and so on til you get to the bottom of the cake and its really helped me alot. I think this will help you see how useful the MAT is. Hope this helps you!Megan
Hi I always use Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss recipe for Vanilla Cake and it is so...good. My hubby always wins a blind taste test from box vs this recipe its that good. So moist, and very sturdy. Just google Buddy Valastro Vanilla Cake and there should be a link where he was on the Rachael Ray show and the recipe is on the page. Hope this helps you and good luck on her wedding cake!Megan
Thanks for the tips I will try that!
Hi, I am new but here's my suggestions:For the umbrella I would take a styrofoam ball and cut a circle of fondant mixed with some tylose(Fondant+Tylose= Gumpaste) it helps it be more sturdy especially for something that will be extended out from the cake so it doesn't wilt. Anyway take your circle and form it around the styrofoam and let it dry then you could paint it with some petal dust mixed with lemon extract and use a thin dowel once it is dried and attatch it to the...
Okay so I had asked a fellow CCer and never got a response back as to how they made this and I was very interested in how so if anyone could help give me some details on how I'd really appreciate it....tried to put a pic in but it doesn't work so if you go to the main search box on CC and type in "baby and rose" it is the first pic to come up. Thanks in advance!!
thanks so much for the replies I look forward to trying this as I am doing a cake show soon an would like to try something different.
if you go to and go to her gallery tab and click on weddings it will be the first cake that pops up in the gallery it's a pink/white/gold wedding cake I need to know how to make the second tier from the top? Thanks again everyone for looking!
Okay everyone I'm not even sure what this would be called so I'm gonna post a link asking how to do this if anyone can give information on tutorials or tips it would be greatly appreciated. The link is: https://shebakescakes/galleries-2/weddings and the tier I am wondering how to do is the second tier from the top. Thanks!
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