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Thanks dear
Ok... thx dear
Thanks dear... but how gumpaste ribbon can take the weight of gumpaste bird... i m afraid it might break. Do i need to add wire in ribbon,,,,, which bird is holding?
I want to make this flying little bird... plz any ideas how to do this....
Thank u soo much guys... that was really helpfull... I am going to give it a try now...   :D   lets c wht i get...   if its gud enough... ill post pic for u ... otherwise shhhhhhhhhhhh :P
I really really want to try this one.... plzguide me... how to make this...
Oh wow dats great... using dry spegitti will keep it edible :D kool   by shashlik stick i mean, the wooden skewer, the thin one. but i think ur idea is perfect :D thx alot for the quick response. will upload pics once done :D
thanks alottt dear... :D   wht if i add a wooden shashlick stick in between royal icing & gum paste... wud that b a good idea?
i have done many cakes... but really stuck with this one... how to make cranes of this cake? how to keep the cranes standing firmly? how to cover the crane?????   pleaseee guys need ur feedback.      
i used this recipe to made royal icing to make sugar cookies which i need to deliver tomorrow... and THE ROYAL ICING IS RUBBING OFF.......I have always used wilton royal icing recipe and it works great but this time i gave try to a new recipe.... (foolish me) please help me.... anyyyyyyyyyyyyyy remedy.I have outlined my cookies and filled them half.... and after drying when i touch them...
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