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Where do you order your pre-cut foam core circles from?
Thank you so much! I attached them before I baked them, and they turned out perfect.
I've heard of others having success with it.
I'm normally a cake decorator, so I'm not really experienced with sugar cookies. My friend would like these cookies for gift bags at her daughters destination wedding. Is there a way to attach the sugar crystals that look like sand without icing/flooding that part of the cookie? She needs 80 and I would like to minimize the labor for her. Thanks for any help!
I personally like CK
Here is the recipe I used for the picture frame. It was really easy to make and work with. Good luck:-)            
Nice work!!!
I can't believe I forgot to post my finished picture frame. I've found pastillage is really durable!  
Thanks! You've helped me quite a few times in the past few months. I hope to one day achieve your quality of work. You rock!:)
Unfortunately those are not my cakes. I'm getting ready to make a messy wedding cake, and was unsure if SMBC would work. Those are sample photos for those who didn't understand what I meant by messy. I have done it with ganache before, and it has turned out great. Joshua John Russell has a free modern buttercream class at He shows different techniques which I've used with this ganache...
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