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Awesome - thank you so much!  You make it sound so easy! = )
Hi all,   Has anyone ever done this two-tone tier design?  Looking for a 'how-to', or suggestions or tips as to how best to do it.  It looks very complicated and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew!  I just can't imagine getting the fondant strips on without stretching out the shape.... Thanks in advance!!    
Thanks, I hadn't thought of giving them the gel- good idea !
Hello,   I am making a cake with a water fountain on it, and I was thinking of coluring piping gel blue and putting it in the bowl of the fountain for the water.  My question is - will the piping gel soften -and thus weaken- the gumpaste bowl?  I will be making the bowl tonight and it should be pretty dry by tomorrow when I add the gel....   Thoughts??  This will sit with the gel from Friday night to Saturday night when the party is planned.   Thanks in...
Here's the finished product! (Sorry, file is too big to attach here...) I'm pretty happy with it, but I think I had bad mojo on this one cause my new bucket of fondant that I bought was kinda crappy. It had crystalized balls of power that were not mixed in properly and I had to roll our my fondant and then pick all the darn things out and the re-roll it! Grrrr!!
Thanks all, I ended up taking the cake apart and taking out some filling and redoing my dam. I let it sit for about 4 hours to make sure it wouldn't happen again and then covered the cake. It's still standing and no bumps or bulges! (Phew!) (And no, I didn't weight the cake when I let it sit overnight. Should I have? I thought you did that when you didn't have the time to let it set for very long...)
Hi all, I am making my first wedding cake and I need help!! Last night I filled torted and filled the cake - 3 layers filled with raspberry filling. I let it sit overnight wrapped up in Saran so I could let it set and avoid the dreaded 'cake fart'. BUT - today a big of the filling has snuck out of my buttercream dam! Not much, just a bit - but I'm really afraid it will keep seeping out! AND on top of this, as the cake set (and seeped!) it became slightly lopsided. ...
I would use buttercream.
I've never tired to cover the sides of my boards with fondant, seems too risky! Have you considered using using ribbon on the edge, like this one? the clean finished look and once it's glued on, it's not coming off! Beth.
Hello fellow Canadians! I am looking for a brand of paper towel that does not have any impression, so I can use it to smooth down buttercream. I always ready about Viva brand, but I can't find that anywhere! I'm in Ontario (Toronto/GTA) and I am convinced it's not here.Has anyone found another brand to use for this same purpose?
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