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I'm using this recipe, and i need to make 2 12" square cakes, i asked kakeladi, the orignial creater of this recipe on how many batches i should make, but i'm not quite understand what she means..."A 12" sq requires 2 regular cake mixes - therefore you will need to make1 recipe and add 1/2 extra cake mix (along w/1/2 of a pkg of mix and 1/2 cup water and 1 egg.)"she says to make 1 recipe and add 1/2 extra cake mix, along with 1/2 package of mix..what does she mean by cake...
I'm getting ready to do this Recipe but it doesnt tell me how long to bake it for, can anyone help me? This is my first time trying it as I'm practicing it for a wedding cake for next week.Thanks!
I've used pastry pride but never thought it ever got hard enought to use a mat on it. So I don't know how well it work out. I've frozen mine to harden it on the cake and it doesn't stay stiff enough
I"m in california and i haven't found a place that sells white lily flour, and i have a recipe that calls for it. What can i use in place of the self rising white lily flour?
I have an amerimist silver color for my airbrush machine, but i'm not using the airbrush and need the silver color, can i still use it in my icing as if it were a gel base to color my icing silver so i can pipe it?
Thank you very much, So when you say do it with a non crusting buttercream first, when i've got it down, should i use the crusting when i do the actual wedding cake?
My friend is really liking this wedding cake, and i'm not really sure on how to go about tackling this look. Can anyone give me some suggestions or help on how to do this on a cake?Thank You
I love this cake for a friends wedding, but i'm unsure of how to make these roses or what they're made out of to do it.
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