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Thanks a lot for the useful suggestions! Im going to make it tomorrow...hope it turns out well!!
I have recently turned my cake decorating hobby into a business. The third order I got is a playstation cake. And Im a little nervous about it. Can anyone pls tell me what cake pan sizes should be good enough for this?Also, pls give me any ideas, suggestions, advice that you think will help me in this. Its for a birthday boy who is turning 11. Thank You!
Thanks a lot for the quick and helpful reply AnnieCahil and KoryAK! Im really very grateful! I hope my cake turns out well tomorrow!
I live in Pakistan where dowels are not available, straws is sigh of relief! Are the straws strong enough? Im doing a topsy turvy cake this Saturday and i was planning to buy some plastic tube sort of a thing to use as dowels. Also, how strong the cardborad underneath the 2nd tier should be? I was wondering if its heavy, it may make the cake sink even with the straws? Im sorry, my questions might sound stupid, but im new to this cake business and im liking it a lot!
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