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I took Bronwen Weber's "Sculpted Dragon" class on Saturday. It was my first actual professionally instructed class and I had a blast. I'd never really sculpted before. She gave us loads of inside information and tips. I could not have been happier. I hope to travel to take more CC classes in the coming year.   Thanks!
Wicked Goodies,   I got your book in the mail a couple of days ago. I love it!
Hello fellow CC'ers,   I have quite the dilemma on my hands (or at least it appears that way): I am looking to enter a local baking competition (cupcakes) and one of the requirements is that the recipe accompany the cupcakes (no brainer) and that the entry be the sole work of the entrant (also, a no-brainer).   Perhaps I am overthinking this too much but how do you generate an "original" recipe? I am still a novice baker/decorator and when I do bake I tend to use tried...
I do this. I also use IMBC as opposed to ABC. I typically put my cake in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes and then I come back and smooth it with a spatula and a scraper. My edges get so smooth and sharp people can't believe it's not fondant.
Hi. I just thought I'd make a post saying "Hi" to everyone. I have been stalking this board for a while now. I got into cake decorating a couple of months ago through a Groupon-type thing, where I spent an hour with a lady who showed me how to make a flower out of gumpaste. From there, I went on to take Course 1 & Course 2 of the Wilton classes and now I'm patiently waiting for Course 3 to start. In the meantime, I have learned so many new things. It's been quite fun. One...
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