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So I made some cookies that were designed for a bake sale that is happening this weekend. The cookies aren't quite what I was looking to make. Is there any way to get the disco dust to look better? I tried several ways to get it on my design but mostly it was just messy looking and messy to deal with. Any suggestions? I like the look but just can't seem to manage it. Thanks
Thanks for your suggestions. Is there anything in particular that will help me get a metallic silver look? I have heard about luster dust but I am looking for a very silver shine for a particular piece of this design.
Ok so I am making cookies for a bake sale for a fundraiser and have designed one that fits the theme of the fundraiser. I need glittery look in red, black, silver......Was thinking disco dust but then heard it was not edible....also looked into edible diamonds but they are a choking hazard? I guess I need suggestion. I need the look of bling and shimmer, sparkle and shine! just now sure how to get them without hurting anybody. Thanks for your help Sheryl
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. It was my first time making IMBC but I have to say it was everyones favorite icing to date. So soft and luxurious. My husband is not a fan of buttercream made with confectionary sugar and crisco. He says its either too sweet or just plain nasty. Store bought cakes have to be whipped but he said this was now his favorite frosting. I watched Warren's video and I guess for my first time it came out ok. I remember my...
I would love to know that too. Took my left over IMBC to practice flowers and its just too soft. I couldn't get it to work well with anything for flowers anyway. Worked well in basketweave and scroll work. Any suggestions are wonderfully needed and appreciated
ok....manipulate how? refrigerate for a certain amount of time or something else?
Help!! I have just started testing different buttercream recipes. I read on here that IMBC was one of the best and while the first time I made it was last night and everybody LOVES it cause its so unexpectedly light and creamy and NOT too sweet, it is definately not a very stiff recipe. I'm looking for all the buttercream recipes that worked for you guys in several different applications.....any suggestions guys? I really appreciate any suggestions that you guys have or...
This may seem a stupid question but doesn't parchment paper work better? Seems that Viva would leave little papers on the frosting.....does anyone know for sure? this video out.....i found it interesting
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