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Thanks for all your comments Suzanne, you've been very helpful.  I've now got to prepare the dining table to roll out this stuff as my kitchen surface is not big enough!   Happy Caking :o) Louise
Ditto to what 'maybenot' said.  Perfect conditions!
I've used royal icing to attach large anemone flowers made from petal paste to the sides of fondant-covered cakes and it works brilliantly.  At first I was worried that it wouldn't hold them but I've done this several times now and the flowers survived a bumpy (it's always a bumpy road when you're delivering a cake) 40 mile car trip.   I make the royal icing to the consistency of stiff peak.  Approximately 7-8 tablespoons of icing sugar to 1 medium egg white.  Then...
Oh dear that sounds dreadful!  Well I'll give it a go and see how I get on.  When you say it's very soft and marks easily, I presume this is when it it's being applied.  Does it harden adequately with time?   I'll be decorating the side of this dummy with a running garland of flowers made from petal paste.  I'll be fixing them individually with royal icing.  I hope this Covapaste is up to the job and doesn't start sliding off under the weight of the flowers!  I think...
Thank you Suzanne.  Yes, my 20" drum will be iced.  I was trying to avoid doing them both together as I've never covered anything so large before (12" is the largest I've done!)  I'm using Covapaste for the first time which, I gather, is what they use in the trade and should be more forgiving that Tesco's own brand fondant and/or Dr Oetker.  Oh well, I might be brave..... :o)     Thank you for your reply. Louise
before I cover it with fondant/sugarpaste?   I'm not sure if it's a daft question!  I will eventually be putting my 16" round dummy onto a 20" cake drum to display it but I'm not sure if I should place it on a thin card to 'ice up to'.   Thank you in advance for your advice.  
Hi EveryoneI've been lurking for a while reading lots of your posts but thought it time to come out of the cupboard and ask for some help!I'm making a 10" hexagonal ring box cake. My client has provided a picture and would like it similar to this: would like to make the lid as you would see on a real ring box, i.e. open and at more or less 90 degrees (see picture but pretend it's a hexagon!). Is...
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