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I have made many fruit cakes with out alcohol,I use 100% grape juice  or non-alcoholic wine.
Amazon have the mankin extruder on special now. check it out
The colour purple breaks down with age, probably where you purchased it.they may have had it for a long time.
I normally bake the cakes very early Friday, after they have cooled I put them in the fridge to firm up approx half hour - to one hour I then fill the cakes and crumb coat the cakes with a crusted butter cream. When butter cream is firm I mist with a little water and put on the fondant, when all cakes have fondant I then decorate them .Box them up and leave them on the counter overnight. I have never had a problem with this method. Fruit Cakes I do a little...
Laurenlulu Thanks for the tutorial,I have been wanting to do this for sometime.
Wilton has a rolled fondant recipe that uses glycerine. 1 TBSP to 2lbs of icing sugar
I usually make the Wilton recipe,and add cream soda flavour., Then I add 8oz of Satin Ice, it works outcheaper than using brought fondant only...
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