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I am not an expert, but I would do the circumference of the cake first, then the top in a Marina Sousa  Jeweled Wedding Cake tutorial  (crafty class) she used this method and I have tried it several  times and it works with high cakes.
I feel it is the crumb coat.  check out a good crumb coat recipe.  Edna de la Cruz has a tutorial on you-tube where she used viva paper towel to smooth the crumb coat after it has crusted.  I always use this method and I get good result with the fondant.
Sorry to hear and see that you are having a problem, but I have never heard of whipped cream as a based for fondant ,use a crusted B/C or ganache  and half your problems will be solved. and use Royal icing to  to attached your flowers  and all your problems will be solved. Hope this helps.
Throw caution to the wind, how can you grow if you are keeping yourself back. Cake decorating is not the cheapest skill  ,but it is so rewarding and  have wonderful classes for all skill levels
In the Caribbean  we mostly make fruit cakes for weddings.  Stacked cakes need at least 4" to look good, I bake each cake 2" and double them, when you make them 3' or higher they take too long to bake (who wants to bake a cake for 4 hours)and to join  them turn one of the cake so that the bottom is on top and the next cake the same way so that the bottom is on the top and finish it in the normal way.  Most people would disagree with what I do next I use crusted butter...
I can write fairly well on Butter Cream and Fondant Cakes using either Piping gel or B/C. I am right handed and the icing bag is in my right hand I put my left hand under my  right hand with  tips # 2,3,or 4  resting on my left index finger as a guide to keep my hand steady and I have no problem it may take practice if you are not accustomed to writing like this. Writing with only my left or right hand has never worked for me.
Oh if you are using a Wilton  `12 x 18 tin   it bakes quickly  I cant give you the exact time because ovens differ.. If you are making your own fondant a double batch 4lbs icing sugar is more than enough.   A tip. for C.C.decorators in Jamaica Marzipan or Almond paste is very expensive we use crusted B.C. flavoured with Lime juice, Rum, and Almond flavour works like a dream and help keep the cost down.
I Live in Jamaica and I do mainly fruit cakes for Weddings etc, I hope u have a good recipe. when baking the cake the temp,should be 300.degrees and if possible keep a container with water on the bottom of the oven that will help to keep the cake moist. .The cake tin grease the bottom line with brown paper then  line the sides and the bottom again with grease paper. When you smell the cake it is nearly baked. watch it closely. until a cake tester comes out...
You can go to search at the top right hand corner and enter shoe templates a wide variety is there to choose from
Thanks you very much, I will make a sample cake .and up date you on my progress. Thanks again
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