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Thanks so much for the tutorial. Just got a order for Wednesday for a camo cake
HiI use Cake Flora powder colours mixed with vodka. You have to work fast because it dries quickly.Congratulations on your birthday.Good luck
Hi everyone,I had a request to make a hay bale cake (fruit cake) for 29 Sept. But they want the cake to be covered in fondant. How am I going to make the fondant look like straw? All the cakes on CC is done with BC. Any ideas? Please help asap!!ThanksElda
HiA friend of mind who bakes a lot gave me this idea to work out your costs. I also did a spreadsheet and calculated what my batter costs me.I then did another and did a costing sheet. I wrote down the time I spent on different things on the cake and decided on what I am going to charge per hour.1. Admin2. Mixing batter3. Mixing icing4. Leveling, filling, crumb coat5. Covering the cake in fondant6. Decorating7. Piping8. Models9. FlowersWrite down how many minutes it takes...
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