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I've read that you use acetate sheets to cut your own cake decorating stencils, but what thickness? There seem to be many, measured in mm, and I want to make sure I get one strong enough not to rip during cutting (with Silhouette) but flexible enough to wrap around cake!   thanks!
Hi. I made choc ganache using a 2:1 ratio. I left it out at room temp for a day and a half. Its a soft peanut butter consistency- i would have thought it would be totally solid by now, and am afraid to use it to cover my cakes for fondant prep. In the past it was solid and i had to soften it before using- the white chocolate ganache i made at same time is solid....   what should i do? add more choc and wait for it to set again?
To clarify, those fillings are not going together. Its just one or the other (different tiers). So I would have mango smbc, white choc ganache and fondant on one tier, and dulce de leche bc, white chocolate ganache and fondant on another...   I want sharp corners and have trouble doing that with bc alone under fondant. thanks!
Hi. If i want to fill a cake with buttercream, dulce de leche abc in one case and mango smbc in another, and frost in ganache under fondant, is this too much?   I find covering with ganache under fondant much easier as a novice- fewer bulges, firmer surface, easier to smooth,etc. but if i dont want to fill with ganache i'm afraid that there is way too much going on for a single slice of cake... would i be better frosting with the buttercream taste wise?
Hi. As a hobby baker/decorator i'd like to know if there is a standard among professionals regarding filling cakes. If i make a 4 inch high cake that I bake in 2 layers, should I tort each layer as well for 4 layers? Or do you just fill and stack the 2 layers?   I make a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache that I make 4 layers, but wanted to confirm that this is the 'standard' for white cakes as well.   Thanks!
Hi, I just bought The Mat from Sweetwise and used it the first time. I weighed my fondant using the guide on the mat and rolled it to (or past) the measures as indicated for my size tier.   I thought it seemed thin, but when i cut the cake i saw how incredibly thick i had rolled it. I'm used to using thickness guides (the little rubber band things) on my rolling pin to ensure that the fondant is the thickness i intended and even. I dont think you can use this with the...
hi- i've had a lot of problems covering ganached cakes- i get tears and air bubbles!! I'm brushing the set ganache with hot water before covering, and have been using satin ice. I'm kneading the fondant a lot, as i'm coloring it. I would think the coloring process is enough kneading.   Should i be using something else?
What am I doing wrong? I brush my set ganached cake with hot water before covering with fondant. I get tears, bubbles all over the place! I'm using satin ice brand fondant...this has happened twice now. So disappointed! Tips before I try again?
Hi. I had such a miserable experience trying to cover a ganached (chocolate, not white) cake with fondant this weekend, I'd love to know where I went wrong for next time.   I followed the tutorial by Inspired by Michelle. I loved how easy it was to smooth the ganache. when i covered with fondant (satin ice) i ended up with a air bubbly, elephant skinned mess. I've never had this issue when covering with buttercream. I let the ganached cake sit at air temp overnight,...
one tier is the scratch WASC recipe, the other is a scratch chocolate cake make with oil.
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