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Thank you SecretAgent I understand what crumb coat is i have been decorating for 2 years iI just wondered what the guys on the American tv shows use as it seems thinner and more manageable than basic butter cream and wondered why that was.
Hi I just wondered what the crum coat they se in the American tv shows its more like cream than the buttercream we make in the uk which is very thick and pulls the cake. If anyone knows the recipe please let me know. Many thank Emma xx:grin:
I am planning a competition cake which involves a person shape from the waist up.  I intend to stack 5 cakes 14 in by 9 in squarely on top of each other and then shape only the top tier as a head shape.  I am not allowed to use internal supports.  I know there;s a risk of it falling over but I intend to be extremely careful there but what about it sinking?  I have used a madiera cake and over baked to make it more solid (no one is going to eat it).  Anyone got any advise?
Hi I am wanting to make a bust ( head, shoulders and upper torso) entirely from cake including the head and face so need a really dense cake. What do I add to a media cake recipes to get this. The size will be 8 x 8 square. Many thanks for any help.
someone suggested to me going to a florist and asking for just 1 of the flowers so you can see it and copy it from all angles. (of garden centre if a florist wouldn't have the plant)
The hearts I am going to cut out of fondant and the writing I was going to pipe.
Hi Room,I have been asked to do a communion cake and she wants silver on white. Little hearts and lettering. What can I use to colour the icing silver? For models I use a lustre dust mixed with alcohol and paint it on but these are tiny hearts and also the letters how would be best to do this?Many thanks
I am glad I am not the only one who feels like that. I have been decorating cakes for 12 months now so am fairly new and initially mine were a disaster but one thing I have learnt is that you need to do things over and over again to get them right, especially icing mine kept breaking and had makes all over it far from the nice polished finish of professional cakes. I went on a basics course and they taught me that it broke and started to crack for one of three reasons:...
You could try a different type of cake if it continues to not work. I did a flower pot cake and because you cannot put flower pots on the oven I used a fridge cake recipe.
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