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Nobody has any referrals to share?
Hi Shannon!   I sure will! Thanks for the response and stay safe from all that snow.   Annette
Hi all!  I just found out about Pretty Witty Cakes website at I also know of Craftsy at  I have watched two classes at Cakemasters, but seriously DO NOT promote their website. Paul Bradford has a site with tutorial videos. Can you list websites in this thread that I can visit? I am into making roses. I have Nicholas Lodge's, Tracy James (!thebest!), and Kaysie Lackie (!the best, also!) at Pretty Witty Cakes for making...
Hi all!  I am in Winchester, VA and am looking for others that would like to get together, here in the Winchester area, to share our passion of cakes and cake decorating. I know there is a group in northern Virginia, but I can't travel that far to join them. Let's start a group locally! Email/ PM me! actually has a few techniques that I have not seen before! I am going to do this one tomorrow! a look at her creation! She is making David Austin roses in sugar paste!
I have Edna's and Alan's books/DVD and I need to watch someone in person. There is a lot that I just don't get...sigh.
Is there anyone here in the Winchester, VA area that teaches gumpaste or sugar paste flowers? I want to find someone a level higher than the Wilton courses, no offense. I am looking for someone that can do roses like Ron Ben-Israel or Leslea Matsis. Thanks in advance!
There is a bit more on this gal here on the blog where I found the video. Check it out, there's a bit of information on instruct
Try Scott Woolley's gumpaste recipe. His has gelatin added to it, and one with agar-agar which makes it even more strong, yet flexible.
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