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Just finished a friends cake for her daughter (who is turning 1). I really had fun making it, and made characters (polar bear and penguins) like I had on a couple other cakes.
How about a cake that looks like a Victrola?
I wonder if putting in the fridge affected it somehow. I have never put my mmf in the fridge and not really sure why you would. I just wrap it really well and leave at room temp. :)
Yes. Just put a little bit of yellow in the impression where the yellow goes, press down to you make sure you have enough to cover it, then put the pink over the whole thing.
Try cleaning it off with some vodka.
I should have mentioned that this is the only time I dam also.
If I am crumb coating in buttercream, I use a buttercream dam. If I'm doing ganache, I use a ganache dam.
I also get mine at the Dollar Tree. What I do is cut it to the size I want, sandwich in cardboard from boxes (a lot of store will give you empty cartons they get stock in if you ask) I've also cut to size, and on the bottom another piece of foam core...that way the bottom is nice and white. This makes a nice sturdy base. Then I cover it all with foil or freezer paper and ribbon around the base. I might add more cardboard in the middle depending on the weight of the cake....
I know you've already got your answer, but somewhere on C.C. someone was talking about smudges, and it was recommended to use vodka to clean it off the fondant. I was skeptical, until I needed to clean up a smudge. The vodka worked great!
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