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It contains the following:Sugar, glucose syrup, water, hydrogenated vegetable fat, gellingagent E413, vegetable oil, humectant E422, acid: Citric acid, vanillinAnd yes it is the BEST fondant EVER!!!! And I have tried all of them
Thank you so much everyone!
Hello everyone, I just had a wedding booked for next month (last minute booking for my first wedding of the season ) and the bride would like one of the tiers to be egg-free. I know there are many recipes on internet, but I was wondering if one of you had one they had already tested? Thank you in advance
I have been using the same butter brand for years and never had any problem. But recently I changed suppliers and I started having that exact same problem, this happened too with my chocolate ganache. Some butters contain more water than others, try to go for another butter and I´m pretty sure you won´t have this problem again.
I usually slightly press in the fondant with the small side of a ball tool, then glue them with edible glue. They never roll out any longer!The advantage of this method is that you can also put the pearls on the side of the cake with no risk of them falling of and it´s much easier to space them out evenly since you are first "drawing" the holes with the ball tool. When you work on a big cake, make sure you work fast enough so that the fondant does not dry, otherwise it...
If you are applying your image to a fondant base, there is no risk it dissolves: I have decorated tons of cakes this way and never had the issue. But yes it will crack if not stored properly before use. It would be too bad to use a real photo vs an edible one if you have the printer!For the filling I would advise buttercream rather than ganache, I wouldn´t like ganache to sit too long without any kind of refrigeration.
I´m pretty sure the cake is covered with edible flakes/sparkles. Some brands call them flakes, some brands call them sparkles. Make sure you use edible glue as they melt in water.
I stopped worrying about getting some of these bright colors (dark pink, red, orange, black, etc) the day I got myself powder colors. I mix it to the icing directly in my KA, does not change the texture or the taste.When I use it in fondant, I usually mix it to a little gel color ( I love the americolor ones), so that it will dissolve better in my fondant. You then need to let it rest a little, because the pigments take a while to settle.I now get any bright color I want...
I also love love love Satin Ice, tried many other ones: petinice, wilton, balina, none was as good as Satin Ice. But because it´s so hard to get it in Europe, I keep looking and recently I have tried and loved Callebaut´s fondant. Don´t know if you have it in the USA, but it´s also a great one, tastes great and is very easy to work with. I now alternate from one to the other depending on the cake and on the taste I want to give to my finished cake (Callebaut´s fondant has...
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