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Hello!    I have been victim of the Wedding cake scammers, has anybody else heard about it? I just found out that this people is out there since 2010 ( may be more time) and that the investigation is now up with the FBI, they have been operating in more than 5 states.   Please contact me in case you've heard of this or have usefull information.  Thanks!    TBB
Thanks so much to all!   The rose is GP, and she wants the big rose in almost all of them., I agree, is mor work do the cupckaes thatn the actual cake, and for some reason, people think are cheaper... Well, I'll get to work, thanks again!! ")
Thanks guys! You've been very helpful ")
Hello colleagues! I need advice please! A bride has contacted me about having cupcakes instead of cake for her wedding, I have not make wedding cupcakes before and I'm worried about under/over pricing them. She wants the one on top to the left, with the gumpaste rose etc. how do you think I should price them, like a regular bday cupcake ? Or shoul I increment the price cause is a wedding? Thanks in advance for your help , I appreciate it!
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