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Um, I like cake.
Your county health department is your best bet for information. The way the counties are interpreting the new law varies widely. Some, I hear, are flat out nightmares. Others, like mine, are fairly easy going. Here in my county (Santa Barbara) the process for obtaining a Class A permit (Selling directly to the consumer) is fairly simple. You take a food safety course online. You apply for the permit and do a self certification check list online and send it to the county...
I was going to say the same thing. I love SMBC. Yours looks like perfection. If all of your ingredients are the correct temperature you will skip the curdled stage. I have only managed that once. Whatever you did was spot on. Good job!
I love Google. That' a cake. ~Melissa
Ok I have been lurking here on this site for a while. I have never posted but I just had to say that this comment made me spray soda out of my nose and sent my kids running into the room to find out why I was doubled over with hysterical giggling fits. My 13 year old son seriously appreciated this comment and we will never look at glitter the same way again.
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