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oh that's right I could do that too, thanks alot for helping!
Hi everyone,I hope someone can help me...I want to make banana flavored cupcakes (without real bananas in the batter) using banana extract instead but I'm not sure if I should omit the vanilla extract in the recipe or add both....I just want to make sure.Thanks in advance for any advice!
Thank you for all your opionions! I made my own MMF today and oh my gosh.... it was so messy and time consuming but cheap to make but I think I'd rather pay alot more for the convenience of having it pre made
I was thinking of trying that it tasty? easy to roll out?
Which is the best premade fondant? I've used Wilton...don't like it..I used Fondarific, it's much easier to work with and tastier! but which is your favorite? I want to try different brands but not sure which to choose.
Bleed! That's the word I was looking for! I need to refill my coffee cup No I bought the fondant....I used the wiltons white and Fondarific Black buttercream....I wanted to try both to see which I liked better and the Fondarific was 10x better....I'm decorating another black and white cake today so I will just use a tiny amount of liquid, hopefully it will not bleed on to the white!
Oh ok..I made a cake covered in white fondant and added black fondant to it and I used water and on some of the pieces the black color spread around the edges and it turned the white fondant brown like water colors....maybe I used too much water. I guess I just need a dab huh?!
Hi!Why do some people use vodka instead of water to adhere fondant to a cake? Is it just personal preference?
Thank you! I was thinking they were the same thing but I always second guess myself!Thanks again
Hi Everyone!I'm so happy I found this site, it's so addicting!I was asked to make a 2 tier cake for my sisters mother in law in April and I need to color fonadant and icing....while looking for colors I noticed Wilton has icing colors and also right next to that on the shelf there is Americolor soft gel food coloring....I got confused....I know I'm supposed to use a gel because it's thicker but what is the difference? Can I use the Americolor gel to color both the...
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