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I hope so! I did used those wilton straws for support . fingers crossed and thanks for taking the time to reply.
well, I just finished a cake for tomorrow, It looks good but I was reading you're not suposed to use cake mix for topsy turvy cakes!!!  and I did :'( chocolate pillsbury cake mix to be precise. no filling though, (customer didn't want none)   does this mean that my cake is going to collapse either tonight or tomorrow (because I used cake mix?)     I hope not :*( any thoughts?      
sorry for the late reply but yes I did :) I'm making a coach purse this weekend, ill make a little tutorial :D  
nah. I actually made something similar and it wasn't too hard. i started by baking sheet cakes then carving the actual purse, crumb coat and then the fondant. I hand-painted the logo.the only thig I regret is making the bow out fondant. gumpaste wouldve been better. good luck
bahaha! yeah, I know what you mean but this one looks so simple but I don't even know how to start LOL. I read that the flowers are made out of chocolate, so that's a nono for me...I told the bride already and she changed her mind PHEEEEEEEEW..... now she wants this one :D
Hello friends! So I was asked to make a wedding cake blah blah...the bride just emailed me telling that she changed her mind about the design, I don't want to say NO because she's a good friend but I'm not sure how to make this cake? any advice, or tips? do I make individual flowers and then cover the cake? can I achieve this look with fondant? she only wants 2 small tiers...    
:O whats gum glue?
I know how you feel, the first time I had an upset customer I felt like crap for a week, haha the day that happened I cried myself to sleep. but I got over it. :)
yes :) I agree
aww thanks for all the replies. I guess I was over-reacting. I'm a very soft person and I get nervous when something like this happens, thats why I gave it for free! :( I was also tired, I made a hookah pipe shaped cake, a juicy couture purse cake, and a toy story 3 tiered cake, 4 dozen cupcakes and 48 custom cake pops! all in a weekend. so that had me very tired and anxious.   Thanks for all the replies, it made me feel better <3  
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