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The Bride doesn't want fondant and I really don't care of it either.  Then again I don't work with it that often.  Thanks for your input everyone.
lol good one!  
Just going to be BC.  Thinking about testing out Poured BC.  KNow anyone that has tried it?  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  
I have UNDER CHARGED according to some posts on CC.  They are saying 15-35 per mini cake, wow I've so undercharged.  I seen that you can do a Poured BC so I'm going to practice on a few before I start baking them.  I wondering how far in advance I can bake and freeze if I have that option.  Any suggestions?
ok I know it's a few years later, but...  I'm doing 100 mini cakes for a Dec wedding.  Any new ideas pans, etc?  Actually I'm thinking about doing Poured Buttercream instead of applying buttercream the traditional way.  Any advise will help.
I agree with Isabelle24 but I use a fan on low speed with some circulation on the bottom too.
I too would love to have it, if you're still around and sharing. You can PM the instructions, thanks!
I have a cake to do for my best friends granddaughter at the end of the month. They are requesting Strawberry Shortcake DORA 3D cake. Does anyone know of a recipe that will with stand the weight of fondant etc? Or if Not, even a specific flavoring for what-not to achieve this?Thanks!
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