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Hi all!! I am in the market for an edible printer... and I was just wondering what is the best one out there? Also what kind of paper and ink do you use? Thanks in advance!!
Will a 16, 12, 10, 8, & 6 work for a wedding cake to feed 300 people?
Actually, I have something else to add to this topic. I used Swiss Buttercream... it has a whipped taste... and is fantastic under fondant! Thats what I would suggest
Okay so this doesnt have anything to do with this post... but HOWWWW do I post a new forum topic?! I can't figure it out and I need advice!
I just use my favorite vanilla recipe, and my favorite chocolate recipe-- and I spoon the chocolate into the vanilla and swirl around... perfect marble
I have not put ROyal icing in the freezer... but I did put fondant characters in the freezer and while in the freezer it looked great... but once taken out then started to melt... got very very soft. I wouldnt recommend it!
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