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Does any one know how to make a designer price tag like on a polo shirt cake? Thanks so much!
How long until its completely hard? Should I put it in fridge? Will it melt once its put on cake? Thank you so much!
I made the ice cubes by the directions I saw on another post, with the 1/2 cup corn syrup and 1/2 cup of sugar melted in microwave, that part all worked fine but I put them in the fridge to harden and when I took them out they just kinda melted. How to I get them to get hard and stay hard? Do they need to air dry? Will they end up melting when I put them on the cake? Any help is appreciated, I need the cake for this saturday. Thank you so much!
Thank you for the help! I did get the no fade purple, never knew they had such a thing! Thanks
Anyone know why my pastel purple bows I made a couple of days ago turned blue?? They just sat on counter for a few days and started turning light blue, Now I'm worried that the purple fondant I need to put on cake, will turn blue?????
Just wondering how people manage to make more than 1 wedding cake in a week?? Are you freezing cakes ahead of time? Do they still taste good when frozen? Making frosting ahead of time?? Just wondering the best way to do this, I hear so many people say they do 2 or more wedding cakes in a week?? Thanks
Yes, I use just the wilton recipe, with crisco, powdered sugar, water and flavoring. I use a 1M tip. Am I doing it too far in advance?? Just a day ahead?? Thanks
I was just wondering what others use for making cupcake frosting. Crusting or non-crusting?? I use crusting, however I feel like when I'm ready to deliver, they are so crusted that people will think they are old?? Is there a recipe for a good fluffy buttercream that is non-crusting, easy to make and does not require refrigeration?? Maybe I'm asking for alot! Thanks!!
Help! I have a cake due this weekend, just wondering if a cake with cream cheese filling needs to be refrigerated? The cake will be frosted with buttercream then covered in fondant. If not refrigerated, how long can it sit out? Thanks so much! has pan sizes/serving sizes.
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