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I make my own fondant and I have been using the same recipe and method since 1 year. all of a sudden it has lost all its elasticity and when I put it on the cake it cracks from corners and falls apart.. I have no idea what Im doing wrong. please help!!   This is my recipe   if u have a different recipe with liquid glucose I will appreciate it. thankyou
Recently im getting a few complains from customers over the cake being 'powdery' in taste.. i havent eaten that particular batch so i cant say if its just a very fussy customer or something is wrong with the recipe..   I made Red velvet cake.. and i might have increased the amount of cocoa in it by 1 tsp or 2.. Could this be the reason?   Secondly  which ovens do u all use? I use the normal oven that cake with my cooking range.. my cakes are never done in 35...
i bake at 350.. i will try 325 from now onwards, what is your baking time?
My cakes are very doomed,.. ive heard of tapping the cake and i always do it. but now ive heard people use pins and towels.. which one is better? I run a cake business locally so need help :) thank you.   P.S.  How do i get my cake edges sharp?
I couldnt find the tutorial. can you please send me the link of the album?
Thank you so much great help i will defintely check these links..Is wilton gum-tex good enough for figures too?
Hello everyone!I recently entered the sugarcraft world and started my own small business with my sister I really would like to know what is the best thing to make roses with? those big beautiful real life roses. Should i use gum-trex, cmc, flower paste? im very confused. Also the best site from where i can order it.. Take care.lovexoxo
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