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I just made 2 cakes this past week. I baked both on saturday and then froze both. Tuesday and used chocolate icing on 1 and the other buttercreamed and put back in freezer. I covered the chocolate 1 with melted choco then. Thursday I got the other cake out and finished decorating for friday. Everyone said how moist they were. My wife keeps telling me she is amazed that they stay so moist knowing when they are made. I'm with you though I'm a mess until I know...
This doesn't regard anything about chocolate but i didnt want to start a new post... I'm putting the fondant on in a little bit but i have to pant zebra stripes on it yet..where should I store the cake until I paint it and then after I paint where should I store it? Also I have a ball in the freezer which is crumb coated which is for Friday as well, will it be ok? No fondant on it. Thanks, I dont know how you work full time and do multiple cakes every week! I would go nuts!
Thank you, i want the crunch. I should just buy the bittersweet chocolate?
I'm suppose to make a chocolate cake thats super chocalate. I wanted to cover the cake in chocolate candy melts but wasn't sure if it would be ok. I'm planning on putting chocolate icing over the melt but just wanted someone with knowledge to say it would be ok.   Also I plan on painting zebra strips on a cake and it sounds like its a 50/50 on shich works or vanilla extract.   Thank you in advance always get some good replies!
Thank you for the suggestions. I was thinking of buying some 3d pans but wasnt sure if it was worth it.
That s what I  keep readingand then its a mixed review on the rest of fondant brands. I guess I will find out! I'm thinking I will bake for both the cakes next week and freeze them and then wait to decorate until the following week. Hope I get them 2nd shift and have my son to play with during me like 3 hrs a night.
I used wilton fondant on this 1. I'm getting ready to order  satin ice for my next 2 cake to try see if it taste better. My 1st cake I made my own but the black seemed to dry out so I'm hesitant to make mine again. I don't have much time during the week.   I froze the bike during the fondant and the colors didn't bleed but it did sweet a lot. It looked ok though, looked like the bike got waxed.   Also I was wondering how to make a stiff rkt mix. I hadthe...
    Heres my bike. It turned out pretty good I think. A couple things could've been better. I was wondering what kind of icing everyone uses for under the fondant. I've been using whipped icing and it doesn't seem to hold any body to it. As far as getting a nice edge on anything I cover. I was wondering if I should use a different type. Also I know I have 2 cakes to make for March 9th I wanted to know if I could make 1 of them next week and freeze it or at least make...
That's a interesting theme...I'm just thinking what my wife would say!
Thats an awesome cake! Kudos!
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