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Elcee, That cake is so stinking cute! How sis you get the fish scale/net look on the board?
It's just me. This week, no sleep!
4-4 1/2"
Wow! Secret agent baker, you Rock! Brilliant!
Do you have a silhouette or circuit? They are awesome for cutting letters even small ones. I cut them from the icing cutter sheets from Icon Images.
Ok, last one & ill stop monopolizing the thread.
The College Of Charleston has a wonderful tradition. The very first day, students pass through the Cistern gate to write their names in the register. Upon graduation, they have another ceremony of passing through the gate. It was perfect inspiration for this cake: I'm usually so meticulous about names. Not everyone can spell Laney correctly so I'm sensitive to it. Well this was a last minute order yada yada yada. Had to redo top to correct spelling.
Grooms cake # 2. Not the best face, but he works.
So, this was my week from hell. I honestly even forgot it was Mother's Day until someone told me in Thursday. As some of you know, we moved. This was my first real week in the new house. This week is very popular in Charleston. Weddings, graduations, & the usual birthdays. I committed to 2 grooms cakes, a graduation cake, a birthday cake, & a 5 tier weddin cake with brush embroidery & replicated dress detail. Exhausted. Also, this is one if those weeks I kinda wish...
Cazza, love the figurines! That fury is precious! Brettley, those cupcakes are beautiful. They look like a lot of work! And, the cake is gorgeous! Kvand, that cake is really beautiful. Purple is so difficult & you nailed it! Elegant.
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