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You'll need a crusting BC to use the Viva method. I use a bench scraper & a bit of water. 1/8"
T dove, that's Jake! Awesome! I really like the clean look to those christening/first communion cakes. I love the mini vacas. Isn't it crazy how some weekends are just packed?! Pick another weekend people!
Webby, that's a lot if work on those cupcakes. CakeMommy, goodness! You were busy. Really awesome cap on the graduation cake! Thank you guys for the compliments. I really liked this none. The potatoes were my favorite too! My husband kept saying they weren't the right color. Oh yes they are! They are boiled not fresh out of the bag. Did learn a few things. Ill do the corn a bit different next time. I know kernels aren't round but couldn't think of anything...
That doesn't look like a settle problem. That looks like a support problem! The top cake is collapsing into the bottom tier. Did you use any support?
Are you just asking the additional charge for the hand painted photo? Depending in skill & detail levels $15-50
What size cake? How many layers? Filling?
Sixinarow, the drop of melting ice cream is amazing!
Ok, finally added the label & like it more
BakingMeCrazy, I knew there was a reason I was drawn to them. Huge Baileys lover! Had some in my coffee this morning.
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