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Only one of those examples was "rude" or insensitive.
At least...I think more like 6", 10", 14"
  System Mod2 is now my hereo of the day. *slow clap ....loud clap....standing ovation*
Awwww, that made my day. Been a long contentious one!
You are most welcome.
Someone once linked a great Pantone color chart here on CC. I failed to bookmark it. The next time I needed it, I had to search hundreds of "coloring fondant" threads. I imagine people do the same with sizing charts. How nice if they could easily find useful info right here at CC
Here's an example of how it could work: Perhaps when I first linked the FAQ with pricing info, Cakez would have also seen the chart. If not, I could link I that particular FAQ and she would know where to find it next time.
This useful chart will help you determine serving sizes:
Wow! That is really neat! Do you remember the name of the bakery? They may be kind enough to reveal the source.
Worth repeating.The FAQ makes it faster for is to link. It also makes it faster for the asker. They then don't have to read the whole rheas to get the jewel of wisdom.
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