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I wrap my baked cakes in cling wrap. The next morning, I unwrap them and crumb coat with buttercream.   In most cases, it is a good idea to place your cake in a box so the condensation doesn't form on the fondant.  Otherwise, the fondant will sweat.  It does dry if that happens.
I've never heard that about covering in fondant the day of the event.  Wow.  That would really make my life difficult.   I typically like to have every cake finished the night before the event...just in case.  That way if something is wrong with my timeline or goes horribly wrong I have a buffer of time to fix it.   This is a link to lobster I made:!Lobster/zoom/c11wr/imagei2t     The plate is made of gumpaste and was made 4...
Anything you did while employed by the other baker is "work product" and is owned by the company. I know that's no fun. When I started on my own, I so wanted to direct people to my last companies website. I never did once. I even had several photos on my computer. Never once used them or showed them. Build a new portfolio of your own work. It will take time, but it will be worth it and you will be proud.
There were so many wonderful things in that post to quote. I chose the one most important to this specific topic.
Please know you will get many different answers to your questions. Taste is very subjective. I personally tried several fondants and prefer Fondarific for taste, ease of use, and flexibility. However, I know some people swear by Marshmellow fondant which I detest. Different brands appeal to a variety of people. I'm not exactly sure what kind of truck you will be making so it's difficult to judge what pieces can be made in advance. I personally store my cakes in the...
I did not and don't need it. I will say that I have buyers remorse. I don't use mine very often and felt the kopyKake would serve my purpose. It does. But, If I knew then what I know now, I would have picked one of the grex.
@Norasmom, I know you from this forum. I have come to think if you as a very kind and generous person. I get the impression it's difficult for you to say no. Empower yourself. No. No no no no no. It has been my personal expierience that the only thing to come from donations is more invitations to donate. Now, I donate to the events important to me. I do so expecting absolutely nothing in return. It really is ok to say no. I know you can say it in a gentle way.
Yes, that is a normal range.  That does not include the cost of dummy cakes & samples.  Many producers will offer a discount to caterers and bakeries providing samples.  That discount is usually $100-150.   As to ROI, that really depends.  Who is your client?  Is your client one that attends bridal shows?  The bakery down the street from me gets about 7-10 cakes from a show.  It works very well for her.  She has a different client than I do.  My average cake is about...
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