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You are right. Sometimes, ya just need to see it in person. Wish ya lived here in SC. Is there an ICES group near you?
You know I had to go google myself!
Exactly.  There have been times I wanted to "vent" but thought better of it.   Think it and forget it, write it and regret it.
I realize this is a bit different kind of collar but am happy to explain how I did this one:   I used a mix of gumpaste fondant so it would hold shape.   I looked around the kitchen until I found something the right size.  For me, it ended up being a small container of fondant.  I wrapped the fondant around the side and brought in front and placed it...
I use Americolor luster airbrush colors gold & silver. Then, I don't have to mix.
Love my fat daddio
I would cut te flames and wrap them around a cake pan or dummy. They will dry a bit but should be fine. Once the color dries (long before the fondant) transfer them to the cake. They will have the right curve to them from being on a pan/dummy
Thank you not only for realizing what it is really worth but for coming here and speaking the truth!! Woohoo another convert!
Wow. I've been watching this one and all I can say is wow. Farmer John, regardless of your intentions, that one post really was a bit condescending. Must always use caution when using words with negative connotations. Sure the definition seems innocent, but you know the emotion that word can elicit. I'll also go a step further and say that if someone had used similar language toward a new member regarding some controversial topics, they'd be called mean. I'm sure...
My avatar is a photo of rice paper leaves and fondant vines on buttercream. I used buttercream to attach the leaves.
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