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Duffs has a high ratio of chocolate and is typically very soft.  I use corn starch when working with Fondarific which is very similar.   Tylose does not help.  If you are trying to make figures, you will need to mix it with at least 50% gumpaste or it will never harden.
Also here
Stencil. I've seen it at GSA
*in best Gru voice*. "The physical appearance of The Please makes No difference. So....good night, sleep tight, & don't let the bed bugs nite. ...because...there are literally 1000s of them. and...I think there is something in your closet."
Yes, M.A.C. Is a protected trademark. I think using the initials is a perfect (& brilliant idea) alternative.
Ok, someone please PM me. Lets give AZ a break.....but I gotta see this!
I find the butter makes it too soft. I measure before pulsing & don't need more MM.
I use Fat Daddio. There is a bit of a rounded edge, but it doesn't make much of a difference to me. I've never understood why it makes such a difference to some. The cake board is perfectly square & the frosting still has to be shaped. To get nice sharp edges, I hold the bench scraper at a 90 degree angel & apply frosting in any empty spaces.
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