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ellavan BEST advice ever!! It's difficult to suggest a marketing strategy without knowing who you target client is. Who is your dream client? This is someone who not only wants your cookies but is also willing to pay your price for your cookies. Once you know this, it will be easier to brainstorm idea of reaching them. Tip: your target client is not "anyone that likes cookies." As a matter of fact, it should NOT begin with "Anyone who." For example, my perfect...
When I have an unusual shape, I measure the area I will need to roll. For example, if I stack 2 - 4 layer 8" cakes, I know I well need to roll 24". I know this because I add the height of the sides (4" + 4" = 8" one side) x 2 sides = 16" Then I add the width 8" circumference. An easier way (and what I usually do) is break out the tape measure. I then compare my 24" to my fondarific size chart. A 4" tall 16" cake is also 24". The chart does list how muh fondant for a...
Oh oh! You could do a large butterfly and the wing patterns could suttlely be items associated with a hide and seek drawing.
How big is the cake? I would have the butterflies landed to make the silhouette of a pregnant woman. Have a few flying towards the silhouette.
Remember the amount you need will depend on the fondant. For instance, I need less fondarific than satin ice. When making a tall tier, I really on the total area I'll need to roll. My fondarific chart is based on 4" height. A 4" high 10" cake will require a total of 18" rolled fondant. A 6" high 6" cake will also require a total of 18" rolled fondant.
Fondarific is my favorite!
I've never been able to successfully fix that. I have however fixed the situation. Since this is a pot, it needs a bit of dimension. When I made my Lowcountry boil pot, I wet my hands with a bit of vodka or water and rub gently. That will make it smoothable. I'm sure this isn't making sense. The slight variation in color is a good thing especially compared to the obvious spots if you leave it.
Don't panic.  Start looking for another job just in case.   If you feel close enough, ask her about the plans.  Perhaps you are part of the discussions of the purchase.
International Cake Exploration Society usually has monthly meetings called "Day of Sharing."  It would be a good place to meet other cakers willing to share.   There are MANY wonderfully talented artists in NY.  I would also do a google search to see if there are any classes available the time you will be there.
You are right. Sometimes, ya just need to see it in person. Wish ya lived here in SC. Is there an ICES group near you?
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