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Dark chocolate, that is just awesome! Love those tentacles. Lovebug, very kewl! I'm a braves fan, but otherwise that cake is outta the park! Auntginn, I've had cakes that I just didn't like. They don't make the website. I really hate wen that happens. Now, I'm sure you're being far more critical than any of us would be. When I delivered that tux cake, I saw the groomsmen & my heart sank. The color was off & the toe was wrong. It matched the photo but not them. ...
Ok, I'm lame. When the stripes are large enough, I just roll out & culture the stripes. I make them nice & crisp straight on the bottom. I leave about 1/4" extra. I line it straight in the buttercream them trim with scissors or exacto. I only break out the acetate or wax paper for tiny lines like that seersucker. All the cakes in my gallery (except seersucker) were just lined right up on buttercream.
Not only is he one of my heros, my son shares a birthday with Dr. Seuss. Of course, we have all the books & Jacobs room is decorated with all the characters. I gathered about 10 different pictures of each character so I could see multiple sides. I'm often asked how much that cake costs...One Billion dollars! Took 2 weeks to sculpt all those guys.
    Well, aren't you sweet!  Thank you so much for the compliments.  Oh she was a precious bride.  The veil was amazing in person.  One of my favorite cakes.
Just had this made by local guy & Love it! He did awesome job so ill be asking for more of them. Never mind wont load
Run. Do not walk. Run.
Ha ha And I still didn't get it right! Coming not coning! Geez! Really l!! Autocorrect tried to change coning to coming. Where were you earlier?!
I used an extruder to roll out each line. I lined them on a piece of thin plastic making them nice & straight. I then used a real piece o seersucker material & my fondant smoother. Did I mention labor inTensive! 5 hours of lines.
I wanted to scream last night while finishing this cake. Glad I priced it the way I did, but next time will be more! So of you may recall me asking I anyone knew how to make seersucker. I figured it out! Labor InTenseiVe! I am very proud of the final result.
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