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*facepalm* Really? Do you think I am suggestion she make up a custom design & ask people to offer pricing suggestions? Market research! I'm talking sample bite size. The pricing will still be off. The point is to find out if people would seriously consider purchasing. Asking if they like it is one thing (& important valuable information). Asking how much they'd pay is a whole other.
Before any of that, I would do market research. Is there enough business to go around? If you are in a rural spot, your area may saturated. You may be the best, but do you have enough capital to last the time it would take for one of the others to fold? Start asking strangers to critique your cakes. Do they like it? How much would they be willing to pay?
At first glance, that's very reasonable. Prices vary by geographical location & skill level, but sounds on track.
In that case, I don't know how you could have made $80-90 profit. Crystal banding is expensive. Did you add cost of structure support, buttercream, frosting, fondant, pearls, cake boards, cake drums? If you are legal, did you add the yearly expenditures of license & insurance? Don't mean to be kicking sand, but that's a high cake to liking ratio. I'm assuming you mean 3" cake, filling, & 3" cake. In my opinion, way to much cake & not enough filling.
The ultimate baker dot com
When you say 6", do you mean that each tier had 6 layers? Did she provide the banding? For me, that cake is 194 servings x $4.50 = $873. That's before charging for pin tucking, tax, or delivery.
It's a code. They post it on the site "ship20"
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