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Honestly, this was so much more well written than what I posted. /Impressed.
Oh how the contradictions abound for some who happen to sit in judgement of others.   Some of you may have noticed that I have been absent/quite as of late.  I am just so sick of the pure total BS.     I am amazed at how words and intentions get twisted.  I am even more amazed at how some people just can't help but come stir the pot to make turmoil when there really isn't any.   I watch as honest, solicited feedback is touted as "bullying."  Good solid advice is...
Lots of people do this differently. I personally bake 2" high cakes in 3" pans. I then torte these to 1". My tiers are 4 - 1" layers. Some people will stack 2-2" layers. To me, that's too much cake to frosting ratio. Others will bake 3" cakes and torte and level those. What ratio of cake to frosting do you like? What tier height do you like?
Do you mean for This Easter? This Sunday? Day after tomorrow?
FYI, I love my canon ix6520. I ONLY use ink from Icing Images. I purchase the icing images electronic cutter sheets and love them. Debbie is my hereo and has walked me through 2 disasters.
. This should be the new auto response for all cake pricing questions!
Very well said.
Furthermore, there is a BIG difference between offering criticism to a hobbyist and offering it to someone selling a cake.
Ya part of my Psychology degree I attended (and aced) a "Helpful Communication" class.  Some of those principles have stuck.  I try to use "I" statements vs. "You."  I try to be considerate in constructive criticism while also being empathetic and encouraging.   Still, some people will always magnify hatred.  They will twist words and motives.  Some people just don't want to hear any criticism at all.  Most of the time, it is easy to see when someone just wants...
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