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Sadly, this is not your customer. Truth is no explanation will seem reasonable. I would state what my price is & offer an alternative less expensive option. Honest to goodness someone asked me why my cakes were do expensive. As I started to explain, he hung up.
Just to clarify wha Evoir was stating. Mass market is a reference to selling to ...well the masses. That means anyone can purchase like from your website. The suggestion is to sell, rent, give a few stands to people you know we'll or that are local. Once you have a good amount of feedback & adjusting, enlarge the reach to more people. This is a good way of testing the market as well as building a client base. Although it may no seem like it, you are in fact selling...
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There are several cases of "work product" ownership. I don't know of any that involve bakers or decorators.
You shouldn't need it in the curly part.   If they are going to stick off the cake, and they are going to be thick & heavy, I would stick wire in the whole thing even curl
If my clients knew the difference I prices of stands that may work. It's hard enough describing the difference between a $3 per serving cake & a $5 per serving cake. I'm not about to try to explain the difference in cost of the silver & the white wood. It's so much easier (on both of us) to pick a stand that compliments the cake. I'm not going to get into haggle over $20 when the cake looks better on one that costs a bit more. Flat fee! I do the same with flavors. ...
In most cases, yes. The exception are my dinky pedestal stands. I charge $15 for those. Occasionally, I waive the fee. My $90 gold wood, my $130 silver round, & my $50 silver square are all $30.
Jason, I may not have been specific enough . All of us own stands ranging $40-$200. Some of us have Sarah stands. There are 3 other bakers that have the same diamond band stand. All of us, except the one, charge $30 to rent. This isn't an issue if offering more expensive stands. Sometimes, the market rate reaches maximum. In this case, $30. Sure, if we all collectively raised the fee.... Oh never mind. Speaking from lots of experience & counsel with rental...
Roflmco! *de-panning* not drowning
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