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Try to see if blue prints dot com has the specs available. That will help in getting the right dimensions.
This is the exact reason there are so many flavor possibilities. I'm always amazed at the varied tastes of my clients. I have noticed that those who like the white vanilla typically prefer it to the yellow almond and vice versa. It's rare someone likes both of those equally. Some people love the subtle taste of my lemon while others prefer the baker down the street with a more prominent lemon flavor. People vary in size, shape, color, and taste!
No apology necessary. It is an awesome kewl cake. I don't mean to speak for the op. I could have misunderstood the question. It sounded to me like she wants it to look like the medal. We'll have to wait for claification.
Which one.
@enga that really is a great cake. I think the OP is specifically inspired by a military medal. I was Navy myself and recognize the officer insignia. Chevrons are typically associated with enlisted and would be very inappropriate in that context.
Is the whole cake the medal? Ifbso, I'd cut the shape of the medal then I would use fondant ropes to get the stems of the leaves. I'd make even smaller ropes for the detail ribbing. Then, is cover the whole thing in fondant being sure to curve into the ridges. Paint with cosmetic sponge leaving a bit of color in the ridges. Dust the whole thing with luster
Columbus, GA Columbus, OH Columbus, IN .....There are 16 cities named Columbus in the US.  There is one Columbus city and several more Columbus towns.   I'm really not meaning to be snarky.  I immediately thought of GA because I am from Atlanta.
Honestly, this was so much more well written than what I posted. /Impressed.
Oh how the contradictions abound for some who happen to sit in judgement of others.   Some of you may have noticed that I have been absent/quite as of late.  I am just so sick of the pure total BS.     I am amazed at how words and intentions get twisted.  I am even more amazed at how some people just can't help but come stir the pot to make turmoil when there really isn't any.   I watch as honest, solicited feedback is touted as "bullying."  Good solid advice is...
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